Monday, May 4, 2009

Strawberry Days

It's Strawberry Days at Feathernesters!! All month long you can sample an array of strawberry goodies. Here are just a few new items on Tea Room Menu; Strawberry Muffins , Strawberry Waffles, and Strawberry 6-Layer Cake. I can totally vouch for the Strawberry Muffin, Marc treated me to one when I dropped off their strawberry-licious oilcloth order. Next trip I am sampling that 6-layer cake! Strawberry has long been my cake of choice, my mom made for one every year for my birthday, my mother in-law took over the tradition, and it was also one of the three flavors of my wedding cakes. Can you tell I really like Strawberry Cake?

Well not only do they have a ton of strawberry yummies, they also ordered up a ton of strawberry oilcloth products from Modern June. Here is a peak of what you can find at Feathernesters....

Modern June Bubble Gloves

New Oilcloth Placemat Combos!

Fun new oilcloth Shopper Totes with Rick Rack!

I hope to have these new items listed in my etsy shop later this week.
For now you can find other versions of the shopper totes and placemats listed!

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