Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bridal Shower Picnic Basket

One of my RCM friends is getting married in June. Ono's lovely ladies in waiting throw her a wonderful shower last weekend, it was a welcome break from my unending sewing-palooza madness of it all! We all go very dressed up, drank in the ice tea vodka in the afternoon and played fun shower games! My favorite game was the "design a tissue paper wedding dress" competition! It was too fun--gotta get a photo of that from Dawn!

My friend Beth and I went in together to create a special one of a kind picnic basket. Ono is a very green girl, her entire business is about re-purposing vintage cloths into fresh and stylish fashion. So we just had to start with a fantastic vintage picnic basket from Stiletto Girl Vintage! (she has the coolest type writer for sale). Then I tricked out the basket with some dishes from Target, some funky vintage napkins from Vintage Butterfly 94, bottles of wine, a brown lace splat mat and an oilcloth lining that was loaded with pockets. I hope to blog about the lining over the weekend.

In the end is was so cute that I was afraid I couldn't let it go! I love finding someone a gift that is totally them (and me)!

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