Friday, April 24, 2009

inspiration and a busy week

I have been super busy this week. The kids got one more day off from school on Monday, this was only cuz I slept the day away. After that it has been business as usual. School, Doctor appointments, a trip to the movies -- Mommas back!

(cool stuff that would be great in my B&M boutique--a girl can dream)

I have also been super busy in the studio. I have 4 shops that need filling up right away. Nicola Floral got a new round of goodies last night and Strawberry Fields gets a bunch of new stuff today. Next week I take Feathernesters their hugh Spring Order, they have ordered a bunch of new stuff, I have a new cherry line coming out and they got first dibs. We also have a new boutique in the mix, for them a ton Oilcloth Party Banners and Shopper Totes have been cut and are ready to be sewn.

(I wish my studio looked like this!)

I have been the loan sewer for the last week or two, pregnancy and motherhood took my beloved April back for a bit. (Still missing you!) The cutters have been working like mad Junies, all the pieces are cut and I am faced with a ton of sewing for the next 8 days. Scary but doable!

(More fun stuff I would carry in my little shop)

I have a great new addition to the Junie crew this week, I found someone to take over shipping and handling. Yeah for Gracie! And today a new stitcher grabs her first round of stitching. I am very excited and then another stitcher that can start cranking early next month. I am so excited, I need some sleep! Modern June is growing and I need my Junies!

Have a great one! BTW, the photos are of my inspiration wall. The post needed some eye candy.

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