Thursday, April 9, 2009

controlled chaos

I am in full production! I have loads of wholesale orders and the big Spring Bada Bing show next weekend. Yesterday as all about our Oilcloth Party Banners, sorting and prepping. Tonight I am finishing them off. I love having stock on the shelves. What a happy feeling!

We are adding a new design into the mix, Chalk Cloth on one side and oilcloth on the other! This was a special request from the Dallas shop, The Gypsy Wagon. I love when I get great requests like that, some times people know just what I want to make! I have been wanting do these for a while now. Fun stuff! Who knew the our original oilcloth bunting could get any better?

Now if my new hang tags would just get here I could get all this out in the mail! UPS where are you?


Kris said...

Hi Kelly, If I was surrounded by all that vibrant color I would feel happy too. Good luck on your sale and congrats on the order from Dallas.

Would it be okay if I featured your Etsy shop on my blog as the shop of the week? I would need to snatch a photo from your shop and post it on my site. It will link to your store.

Have a happy day


Kelly said...

Thanks Kris, I would like that very much!

Allison "Big Al" Espino said...

Hi Kelly, I live south of Dallas and I didn't even know about the Gypsy Wagon! I am gonna check them out asap! Who knew? Thanks for the heads up. I love the chalkcloth on the banners. Great idea.