Sunday, April 12, 2009

what a lovely sunday

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Yesterday was a beautiful day! I love Easter Sunday, we do our little traditions and then relax. What is better than a day off with lots of chocolate and deviled eggs in the house?

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I could barely keep my hands off the rake while the kids hunted for eggs. The backyard still had more than its fair share of oak leaves laying around and keeping the grass from growing. I wish I was better about that kind of thing, but Fall turns into Winter, and I can't be bothered to venture out of doors. Today was my day to get out there and commune with nature in all its hard working glory. For hours I raked and swept up all the leaves, acorns and winter debris. Man, my arms are out of shape!

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Before we had kids, DH and I lived in a lovely house in The Fan. Our landlords were very cool, and let me play in the dirt. I was out there every Sunday diggin', planting and weeding that tiny little front garden. Our elderly next door neighbor call me a "Seventh-day Gardenist"-- he would laugh and say that I was in my own little church. I think of ol' Woody everytime I am out finding some peace in my garden.

It is chilly here today, but very beautiful. Dear Husband said it right when he mentioned that "at least it looks like a perfect spring day." Normally we would head out to the Easter Parade or Maymont but Dear Son hasn't been very comfortable in crowds lately, so we decided against putting ourselves in a situation that he (and we) would not enjoy.

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In the afternoon we went to see Aliens vs. Monsters at the new Movieland theatre. Man, 3-D has really gotten great! I can't tell you how nice it is to see a first run movie in the city of Richmond. It only took us 3 minutes to get there!!! The thing that big-business doesn't get, is that city dwellers HATE to have to go to the burbs to shop and be entertained. The movie was great and the theatre was incredible! They took an old railroad foundry and turned it into the coolest multi-plex theatre imaginable, full of artifacts and even old rail road tracks right in the middle of the parking lot pay tribute of the buildings history.

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Later that evening DH and Dear Daughter went off for dinner at his folks house. DS was still not 100%, so he and I had dinner and a movie in my bedroom. We snuggled up and he fought to keep me awake--in the end sleep won out and I missed the end of The Iron Giant for the third time.

What a great day. For about a year now I have been struggling to have Sundays off, no sewing, no shipping, no work of any kind, but there just isn't enough time during the week to get it all done. For now, I will be thankful for the random Easter Sunday.

Hey, maybe a better goal would be one Sunday a month! I could make that work.

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