Saturday, June 23, 2007

All done!

The notebooks are not a nice or as comprehensive as last year. I did not over achieve this year. Bummer. But they are done and they are reviewed. Another year complete.

The problem with having a review this time of year is that you are so excited about all that you and the kids accomplished. You are finally organized and you never want to be disorganized again. Then sweet Dr. Williams comes to your house and tells you what a great job you have all done. She gives you great tips on what to do better. But then WHAM its summer break.

I know myself I will not continue on and start the next year now. I will not remember all the cool tips I was given. And as always I will start off with all my ducks in a nice row. I will be so organized and then BAM by Halloween I will be back to making one million home school paper piles in all the wrong places.

I thought that acknowledge a problem helped you solve that problem. So I am off to double pinkie swear that I will change my ways. Oh the pity party that comes with to many full time jobs.

Happy summer! I am off to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Man if it could all be like this morning. I might have to sew outside today! That would be so nice!

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Donna said...

I'm impressed you have them done and they look so neat and organized! Mine are always bursting from the folder. And I don't have to have the portfolio review ready until the new school year begins, so I am always having this panic attack in August thinking oh crap, school is beginning soon and I need to get Miranda's portfolio reviewed.