Monday, June 25, 2007

best sister ever!

Dear Daughter won the best sister ever award today.

Today Dear Son was looking punky on the playground. Too many spins on the merry-go-wheel? Too hot and humid? Who knows but it was time to go. Dear Daughter held Dear Son by the hand all the way to the van, closed the door for him and asked if she could carry him into the house.

That was sweet but it got better...

I have been fretting over next years homeschool schedule for months. I feel that it is really time to stop sitting on the fence and see what it is we need to do in the fall. So I asked the kiddo's what they think about taking Art and Spanish classes again this year. Same teachers and here's how that went.

Me: "So, son how do you feel about taking Spanish again?"

Dear Son: "I feel horrible about it!"

Me: "OK." (I knew that was coming) "So what about taking art at share co-op again?"

Dear Son: starts to frown

Dear Daughter: "I'll be in your class this year."

Dear Son: then with a smile of relief he says, "That would be cool"

I leave them to play under the blankets building with there cool toys and I soon hear this!

Dear Son: "Your the best sister a boy could have."

How cool is that?

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lynn said...

That's so sweet!