Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mommy guilt!

Last week the kids I had a blast. We had this great balance between fun time, downtime, and work time. But not this week. As I stress out about finishing up for the Renegade Craft Show this weekend, there will be NO fun. And no sleep either.

I was asked yesterday at the playground by a mom, that does some selling used stuff on Ebay, how do I make it all work. Well that is a highly loaded question. Well I don't feel like I can do it all well. I can feed kids, but not well. I can home school but not well. I can sew like the wind any day but not get a thing done very well. At least not every week.

I will ease my mommy guilt by remembering that I took them to the park at least once!

I told the Mom that if I were not making Modern June I would be doing something else. Like the summer and fall that I took down the wall separating the kitchen and dining room. Or landscaping the yards. (that took up tons of time, years) Or painting a room a new color, hell painting the entire house a new color. (not by me, I drew a crafty line there!)

Point is every little thing I have done to release my inner crafty has only enriched our lives. ONLY. So why shouldn't Modern June be any different! This is hard and yes kids are only young once blah, blah, blah! But that works for all of us. We all are only young once and we deserve so make a happy life for ourselves and the others around us. I need to remember the order in which I said that sometimes.

It's all good in the end! For now I sew like the wind, and look forward to hanging out at the pool next week with my mommy starved children. LOL!

update: I just took the kids to the pool now I have Modern June quilt. It never ever ends...

So the questions are...
What makes you feel guilty and why. How do you handle it?


lynn said...

Wow! I didn't know you were going to the Renegade Craft Fair! Forget the kids- you're a craft star! I wish I could go. I see some of my favorite craft bloggers will be there (pixiegenne, the black apple, swallowtail and MODERN JUNE too!)I hope you sell a lot and make lots of new crafty friends.

rockergirrl said...

How was Renegade? oh the mom guilt. Yup it gets to me too. I too feel guilty trying to balance it all. I just try my best every day and try to remember to feel good about how my kids are seeing me make my family important by staying home as well as doing my craft to still be me. They take pride in helping me out before shows etc. It is hard sometimes but I feel less guilty now than when I was working full time out of the house.

Kelly McCants said...

Hey rockergirrl, how goes it in the land of craft? Your right about the pride that they have in our crafty ventures. I was chatting with Aidan (6) after a crappy show. I told him that I had only sold two things and he was so supportive and really ticked off for me. Too sweet!

Renegade is CRAFT MECCA! I will post more once I get though our homeschool portfolio review tomorrow.

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