Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playing around on Pinterest: Embroidery

Photo Credit: Be So Mom
You know how it goes, you log onto Pinterest to enjoy a little eye candy and you get lost in something dreamy. Every once and a while you find a photo that stops you in your tracks. That's what this photo did for me, I found on Do it Momma's 'Adorn It' board! I was all OMG, I need to know more about this! I quickly pin it onto my inspiration board and then jumped over to Be So Mom's flickr page to see what other good stuff I could find!
Photo Credit: Be So Mom
There I learned that she has been playing around with Alicia Paulson's book, Embroidery Companion. Swoon! I've wanted that book for forever. You know what happened next, don't you? I mosied on over to Posie Get's Cozy for a little more inspiration. After taking an while to catch up on the blog, I landed on her blog post titled Blustery Day!
Photo Credit: Alicia Paulson
Alicia talks about spending a windy day curled up with her pup, tea and embroidery, while catching up on Downton Abbey. Heaven!! I have a little embroidery project too! I have an episode or two to watch too! Next thing you know, I am purchasing her Daisychain Sampler. Now don't all worried about me, I have not delusions of making a sampler -- I might as well start making a quilt. 

My personal project list is relegated to things I can make in an hour or things I can pick up here for a few minutes. Personal projects are usually code for product development. The shoe makers son...

Here's my little personal project, I've just been playing around with an old hankie and some embriory floss that I bought from my LQS, Quilting Adventures. I'm inspired by Linwood Ave's beautiful hoops. (I own two of them!!) When you look at the prints on the hankies, you can almost hear it screaming out for embroidery. Swoon!!

I don't plan on leaving it in the hoop, actually, I don't have a much of a clue what I'll do with my embellished hankie. Maybe turn it into my pillow for my mom, she like pink! My first job was at a craft store that sold crewel, latch hook and cross stitch kits and supplies. I used to make her pretty things all the time. Hmm... I think she needs something handmade, don't you?
Can you tell how long I've been working on my little-bitty project? Maybe someday soon I'll be able to take a page out of Alicia's book and really get to work. Hey, I girl can dream can't she?

Happy Sewing!

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