Friday, March 23, 2012

Dreamy Settee!

At last years Country Living Fair in ATL we were right across from the Happy Chair people. What happy chairs they are! I just had to take advantage of the photo op. 

So here's the dream, I would own a settee like this if I had one of those awful Mc Mansions in the far West End, you know the ones, they have master bedrooms w/ en suite (non-existent in my 85 YO home) that have the same square footage as my entire first floor. I would lie around eating bon-bon's in this chair reading novels all day long. This chair would make me happy!! 

OK! Enough of that, I just like the chair, A LOT! : )  Maybe when Modern June has some trendy warehouse loft to call home I can have my Happy Chair! A much better dream!


Rhissanna said...

Make room for it! It's gorgeous!

Speedy Lady said...

I was at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta and I visited your booth. What a great event!