Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reno Update: Week Eight

You've got to love a contractor that brings your family treats!! They look like plain old cereal treats but don't let them fool you, they are pure crack on a plate. My contractor, Sander, doubles the marshmallows to make them pure gooey heaven.
They guys finished up the kitchen on Friday. It is the most lovely shade of red. Behr Poinsettia!! It's a real shame that the insurance company didn't pay us to have the trim painted too. A. Real. Shame. I swear that tree made all of our white trim all dirty and I think they should take care of that for us too!!
Next on the agenda, the dining room. Yellow sucks, I can't find the right shade. One is too pale, one is too grey, and the other is to "highlighter" yellow. Oui!
 I started playing around and came up with something... I really hope we all like it.
The guys have the ceilings looking sharp with Behr's Ultra White in semi-gloss, our new ceilings are now bright and perky! We're just happy not to see the wall paper seams that came with the house. Crazy, right? Who wall papers their ceilings? Yuck.
I finished up the cutting table that the guys made for me a few weeks ago. I used the weird orange tool to trim up the edges. This is meant to create a slight beveled edge, but I must say it didn't really work out very well. I ended up painting the chipped and rough edges with white paint and then gave it a light sanding.
I used the an iron to adhere the melamine tape to the edge of the cutting tabletop. This worked out well, now my sweaters are safe from the rough edge of the raw board.

I finally got a few more boxes unpacked, no more digging though my shed looking for my supplies. Doesn't the peg board look much nicer with the trim? Thank you stupid tree for all the perks!
All the cutting stuff is back at the cutting table. I love these Ikea bars that I put up 2 years ago. Everything in it's place and as much stuff off of the table the better.

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