Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reno Update: Week Nine!

No lights on!

Pot lights on!
All the lights on! 
Can we talk about this color??? I just love it, it's Behr Poinsettia!!  Can we talk about these lights? I had to pay for these myself and they are worth every single dime -- even if I had to work through the Christmas Holiday to pay for them.

My second favorite upgrade in the kitchen is the trim along the ceiling! We've never had trim in the kitchen before, how very fancy. We also got toe kick along the kitchen cabinets, the toe kick we where supposed to install in 11 years ago. Oh, what's a decade here and there?! My only regret, no new floor first. Oh well, there's always the year 2021 for that.

Next up for the kitchen? The kitchen cabinets will get a good scrubbing, the trim will get painted and I'll overhaul the glass front cabinets with a fresh display. 

Moving on to the dining room...
Behr's Mellow Yellow

I was totally excited, after fretting and fretting, I really love this color. It's just pure sunshine.

It's insanely bright and I love every bit of it. I am sure my M-I-L will hate it, and that's how I'll know for sure that it's right for me.
 Look at it with the white trim and a new Modern June tablecloth!! Love, love, love!! Now I need some red chairs. : )
The pièce de résistance is the old stain glass window. My M-I-L gave us oh so long ago, I am glad that it finally has found a new home. I can't thank my contractor, Sander, enough for suggesting this. 

Well all and all a great week!

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Rhissanna said...

The stained -glass window goes lovely with the colours! I love the red.