Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reno Update: Week 11

To start off week 11 we emptied out our bedroom this week to make way for a bit of plaster demo and a new wall and ceiling. The only thing left in our room is our bed and our dressers. The rest of our bedroom in hanging out in the dining room, it's not like we've been able to use that room since early November.
The chimney for the boiler is right behind the whole in the wall. Years of water damage was added to when the tree feel on the back of the house. Our bedroom ceiling will be crack and water damage free too. LOVE that!!!
This was the weirdest night thing. The room felt like a a bad fun house. I had the hardest time falling  asleep, when I laid in be the room felt like it was tilted. 
Now it looks like a padded cell. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am just thankful that we aren't sleeping in the dining room. My vacuum and I are very close friends.

This is a bonus, we didn't have a proper deck floor before all we had was a prickly roof paper underfoot. This is lemonade in wood form.
Working late...
My hubby bought this sweet little cafe set the night before Hurricane Irene struck. You heard me right. The. Night. Before. He ordered it from Lowes and set it up on our old deck with a bunch of my flower containers from the porch, it was the only nice surprise I got that weekend. The tree hit the weekend that my book was released, this bistro set was my "you wrote a book and deserve a nice get away spot" gift.

Well, guess what? I have a nicer spot now!!
This is looking so pretty!! The clay moon plaque was bought on our trip to Tennessee right before we had our Maddie, it makes Don and I smile. I am just happy that it survived the tree falling upon it. The chimney couldn't say that.

I know it's winter but this is so bad!! Let's just say I am adding a lot of images to my garden Pinterest board. More on that project later...

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