Monday, November 29, 2010

Shipping for the holidays!

Here is the Modern June/Oilcloth Addict shipping department! I know you're going to be shocked out how much space we have, it's just short of a warehouse isn't it? Ah, it may be tiny but it's mighty, especially since I've got my good friend Kathie helping me get everything out. I've had fun decorating it up for the our holiday rush! 

The window is covered with red and green gingham aprons and layered a string of tiny holiday banners! I love displaying as many vintage aprons as possible.
A piece of cotton candy cane fabric covers up a multitude of sins on the radiator.
My antique sewing machine becomes home to trims and ribbon for wrapping up gift and orders, I topped it with a kitschy tree topper for added fun.
 I love the way it looks at night the best!
The rubber maid drawers hold all the envelopes, business cards and oilcloth strips that we use to make every package special! Isn't my old stool the best? LOVE IT! 

Have you decorated your work space yet? Leave a link in the comment section, I want to see it!!! Happy Holidays!

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