Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recycled Spool Wreath

Well it took me about 8 months to make this fun wreath but I finally did it! Last winter I asked my in-studio stitcher Nicole to start collecting all the empty thread spools; I didn't tell her what I planned to use them for because I wanted it to be a surprise for her and my other studio working Junies. My staff and I spend a lot of time in "the cave" during the holidays and I wanted to make a pretty place for us all to create within.
75 recycled spools of different shapes and sizes.
12" wire wreath form
2-3 packages of fabric covered wire
elastic thread (not pictured)
Spool of Ribbon (not pictured)

Cost: $9.00

1) Start off by removing the stickers on the thread spools and cut all the long pieces of wire in half.
Hind Sight Note: If I could do it all again, I would spray paint the form white! Seeing the green form between the cracks is driving me mad.
2) Tie on larger spools at the 6 cross points and then fill in the spools, in between. I started off only using the wire but I found that using the elastic tread was better for layering on the spools and filling in the cracks. The elastic allows you to adjust the spools till you get them in just the right spot. Keep layering on thread spools until you have filled in the wreath.

3) Lastly, tie on a pretty bow and enjoy!
I've got some more holiday decorations for the Modern June Studios, some come back tomorrow! 


T.M. said...

I don't see the form under the spools...I think it is a wonderful idea! Now wondering if I can find wooden spools to use for this....think that would be beautiful too!

Kelly said...


I totally agree about the wooden spools, wouldn't it be cool if the had thread on them? Vintage and colorful!

Lori @ Fuzbaby said...

I love this! I may gather back a bunch of spools from my children to try it. I like the idea of using full spools, too. I could just temporarily requisition a few dozen. Wooden would be even better.

Jazze Junque Inc. said...

This is fun ~

Anonymous said...

Lovelovelove this idea! Super cute!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Kelly said...

Thanks!!! I am in love with it.

@pril said...

I just shared this on my blog:

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