Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reality Check

The little sign up in the corner was supposed to help me make a change this year, and although that little sign is in plain view, recent events have shown me that I've totally missed it's message. This week I've been reminded that I have to love more, work smarter and play harder.

For my beloved Junie friends that have just said good bye to loved ones: I wrap you in a mental tear filled hug and I wish you comfort. For my long lost friend that is prepping for surgery while caring for her children and mother-in-law, I give you all my love and hope, and I say "kick that mass in the ass!" And on a happier note, to my friend and Junie that has a whole house to pack up this week, I am wishing you a bigger and brighter future in your new home! May it be filled with love and laughter by Christmas!

Each one of these women has helped me become who I am as a business woman, and I couldn't be luckier!!! I love you all so very much. Please take care, and know that my thoughts are with you. I'm off to love more, work smarter and play harder!

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