Friday, August 8, 2008

Retro Richmond goodness

You know how this blog thing works... you check out one site, then another, and if you are lucky you find a really dreamy site. Well, that happened to me today. First, I was checking my email when my Modern June's Google Alert said that my night out picture post had been noted on the North Richmond News site. John, father to our newest craft baby, has this great news site for out local neighborhoods.

While I was there, I saw a post about the old Bellevue Theatre. WOW! I knew it had to be cool, but I had no idea how cool! Today the building houses the Samis Grotto. I took this photo on Tuesday night. Man I love these guys. It's a hoot to see how men don't really change all that much over the decades.

From NRN I found myself at Retro Richmond for more 411 on the old theatre. I am giddy about this site--it makes me wish I had time to just sit around and read it all afternoon. Oh how I miss the days when the kids were young, before I started Modern June and I used to have spare time.

But wait it gets better! At Retro Richmond I found a great post about a photo shoot that happened at Dot's Back in. OMG, what great photos. I heard that this was going on, but I didn't know just how cool it was. The photographer is an old homeschooling buddy. Ginger pinger puddin pie! WOW, she is good!

So off to 422 studios for more retro goodness! Pin up girl heaven! Let me just say when it is time to have some real PR photos done for Modern June I have my photographer. Maybe even a few awesome models too!

OK, I really have to get off this computer! NOW!!! before I find something else incredible.

BTW, could I use more !!!!! ? I don't believe so!!!!


Courtney said...

Did you recognize my sister in those pin-ups!?

What kind of PR photos ya thinkin' about havin' done there Kelly? ...and she wore nothing but a cupcake apron.

Dawn Anderson said...

Retro Richmond was the site I was telling you about! My how small Richmond is...

Kelly said...

Dawn I need to listen to you more closely!

Courtney you are kidding me! The pin up girl gallery is missing for the moment! Looks like ginger is redoing the gallery.
is that you sister with the leopard bathing suit sitting in the car?

OH MY how fun! There are some great shoots of Nicole too.

I just want you all to know that I started walking again today. Watch out I might have to get some pictures taken too. I want to be a pin up girl! Just gotta tighten up a bit first.

Olivia said...

You are too cute and too kind! I'm glad you like my site. I just got a new job and haven't had time to update it as much as i would like, but more great things are coming. I promise!

Let me know when you're ready to do some pin-up shots with 422 Studio. I'm the studio's hair and make-up artist. I will make you look fabulous, dahling!