Sunday, August 24, 2008

12 step program for crafters!

Crafters Anonymous 12 Step Program:

Step 1. Admit your addiction.

Step 2. Gather up all of your surplus art and/or craft supplies. These are items you purchased and haven't used, other crafty items you no longer need or items you just want to give away. Make sure these items are in good, usable condition (no trash please).

Step 3. Put your items into a reusable grocery bag (we know you have a gazillion of these - paper or plastic).

Step 4. Save your items until the day of the craft swap and bring them with you when you come (it's okay if you go back to your bag of items to visit them, however no putting them back into your stash...we need them and you will be rewarded in the end).

Step 5. Come to the craft swap and bring a bag! Here's the breakdown:

  • There will be a $6.00 entrance fee for the swap

  • If you bring your own bag to fill with goodies, the entrance fee will be $5.00

  • If you bring a bag of items to donate to the swap, the entrance fee will be $1.00
  • Of course, if you are feeling generous and want to donate more to Art 180 we encourage you to do so. 100% of the profits from the event will go to benefit Art 180. When you bring your items to the swap, you will be greeted by one of our CACS counselors who will help you part with your items.

    Step 6. Feed your addiction! You will be given one (1) of those reusable grocery bags donated or you can use the one (1) bag you bring and fill it with new-to-you supplies. All supplies will be set up according to type (paper, fiber, jewelry, painting, miscellaneous, etc.) throughout the swap.

    Step 7. Group therapy. Craft tables will be located throughout the swap. You can sit and share with others about your crafting "issues" and make cool stuff!

    Step 8. More group therapy. There will also be a crafting switchboard set up - if you have business cards or flyers about other crafty events, please bring them and place them on the switchboard.

    Step 9. Help others admit their addiction. You know you have a friend or two who who share your craft supply addiction. Tell them about the Craft Swap or better yet, go get them now and bring them to the swap with their surplus craft supplies.

    Step 10. Feel good about yourself. Know that you have helped Art 180 continue to help children find their creativity; recycled unsued craft supplies and bags, and done good for the universe. Continue to donate your time or money to Art 180.

    Step 11. Display your progress. Take pictures of all the cool crafts you make with items from the craft swap. Join the Crafters Anonymous Craft Swap on Flickr or friend Crafters Anonymous Craft Swap on MySpace and share your photos!

    Step 12. Keep on craftin'!

    Please note: This copy was shamelessly swiped of the Crafters Anonymous Craft Shop website.

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