Saturday, August 2, 2008

trouble in paradise

Thanks to everyone that has sent me kind words of support. You emails, comments and calls have been very comforting! Many, many thanks. I never know just how much so share on my blog. Where does or should Modern June life, family life and real life divide. For me it is just my life. It is all the same and so is my blog. A mix and mingle of all that occurs in the life and times of Kelly! I have been writing but not posting the last few days. I have just combined it so I can share what has been happening.


It isn't fair is it, life that is? I mean we grow up and bet busy and then lose track of what is most important things. For a week my sister and I had a sense that our Mother's health was not doing to well. My sister took her to the Doctor with our concerns. While we waited for blood work we got a big scare. On Friday night around 6 our Mom was found on the floor of her bedroom where she had been for 12-16 hours. Unable to get up or get to the phone she laid there listening to the phone ring as people worried about why she had not checked in with them. Now dealing with the after effects of dehydration she lays in a hospital bed getting better.


What do you do when you mother can not longer live alone? She is only 60 years old. I guess you wait and try to trust in medical system. Man, I hate waiting.

I have spent the weekend in shock. Trying to finish up the orders. I have two wholesale orders to get out ASAP and then two more that I really need to be preparing for. Not to mention the large number of retail order that need attending to. I am swamped here!


Along with Modern June work I have been on the phone with my brother and my sister trying to piece together the information from our incoherent mother and her surly male nurse. URG. Finally I received a phone call from the Doctor. Facts, that is what I needed! Don't you know he called in the middle of my appointment with Strawberry Fields. There we were in the middle of selecting items for her store, Modern June product all over her shop front and I get a highly personal call. OH MY! Deanna could not be cooler so I was not stressed about it. Isn't that typical!


Mom should be getting out of the hospital today or tomorrow, so now what? I hate the idea of her being at home alone. How do we know for sure that she can take care of herself? My job today is to get her set up with the "I've fallen and I can't get up" service. This will give everyone bit more piece of mind. Oh being a grown up is a drag.

More later!


Kelly said...

How unfortunate. I'm so sorry to hear about all this.

I appreciate you getting my order out in the midst of everything. it came yesterday and they are awesome. I am so pleased. thanks again for fixing everything!

SewAmy said...

I am so sorry about your mother.