Sunday, June 10, 2012

Farmers Market Flowers

Who knew that a table filled with mix-matched jars and cups and a pick up truck could make me so happy!

I ran up to the Ashland yesterday to take a peek at my old friend Wendy's new shop (opening soon) and to get some yummy baked goods from my best buddy Christi (Macshack Acres) at the Ashland Farmers Market. It's a bit of a drive but totally worth it!

Especially now that I discovered what fun I can get for $6.00. You heard me! Six buckaroos. I've seen this woman at the market for years and I've seen her flower bouquets in peoples hands, always looking so lush and beautiful. Yesterday I had some extra time so I stood in the long line for flowers and it was totally worth the wait.

She's amazing. Right there in front of you she makes an arrangement. Wandering around her vast assortment of flowers, weeds (her words, not mine) and greenery, she's a bit like a mad scientist -- in the best way possible!! She mumbled to herself, much like I do when I pattern a new product. 

Aren't these amazing??? LOVE!! They will keep me good company as I take on my big accounting/inventory-palozza today. We're switching all our accounting, inventory and shipping over to Stitch Labs during the next few days I need all the eye candy I can get! Don't fret if you see the shops closed for a few days, we'll be back and running better than ever ASAP!! 

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