Monday, May 7, 2012

Studio Desk

My new flash cards from The Red Door Antiques!
My best Etsy score to date! A German spice rack turned office organizer and Tasha McKelvey gnome!

Tasha McKelvey bird bowl loaded up with my new labels. The Klimpt mug was the first present I ever bought my hubby!!

Hoop by Linwood Avenue
Bundle of lace collars that belonged my hubbies Grandmothers.
I found this cube shelf for $1.50 and I've spent over $50 bucks filling it up with Pyrex!
I love the plan ahead post card! Another great Etsy Find!! 
The red record clock was made by my dear friend Dawn!!

I am so going to make that Mollie Makes coin purse!! I promise, someday...

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