Saturday, May 12, 2012

CFL Loot: Egg Basket

 I haven't had a day off in over a month, so this weekend I am treating myself to two whole days off. In a row!  Isn't that crazy?! 

I spent most of today helping my 14 daughter get ready for a dance. It's the second dance that's she's gone to. I was in Atlanta for the Country Living Fair the weekend of her first dance, so that one really doesn't count. We shopped for a few last minute things and made a special necklace to go with her dress. I did her hair and her eye makeup. It was wonderful, up until the moment when we couldn't find her shoes. Shoot!!

The rest of the day I spent puttering around the house cleaning things up. Most importantly, I gathered up my vintage trays and gave them all a good scrubbing. I'll be hanging them all up in the dining room this week. Finally!!! 

Here is a little nesting project I finished up right after I got back from Country Living Fair in Austin last month. I found this old egg basket in the Antique Arena, it makes a fun magazine rack, don't cha think? I love my basket to much, it wasn't cheap and I just don't care. Heck, I regret not buying the other two that they had! (next time...)

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