Thursday, February 17, 2011

My sweet little valentine's

After months and month of chaos, things are starting to even out a bit, and I've been cooking for my family a bit more. So, for Valentine's Day I decided to treat every one to a make-your-own pizza bar. Yeah, I know I didn't really do all the cooking, but it's a lot better than calling for take out.
Before I started, I whipped up a new pastry mat with some food-safe laminated cotton. Check out the how to at my Oilcloth Addict Blog.

 I also planned ahead and ordered some Whoopie Pies from Etsy Featured Seller Whipped Bakeshop. Aidan said that they were so good they should be illegal! The were totally de-lish!


~April~ said...

What pizza crust recipe did you use? The one I use stinks!

Kelly said...

I love Whipped Bakeshop. We picked them out as our wedding cake baker months ago, it's so exciting to see them featured on Etsy now!

Kelly said...

Kelly that's so cool! LOVE em!

April... well.... I didn't exactly make the pizza dough! I bought it from Martins! I never have luck with getting yeast to rise so I cheated! I just go to the pizza counter at our grocery store and get pizza dough balls.

I love those pot holders! We may need to talk about a joint project!