Saturday, February 5, 2011

Local Shops: Strawberry Feilds

I dropped off a few new aprons at Strawberry Fields today. If you live in Richmond, VA and you haven't check out this Fan District shop and florist your missing out. While I was there I took a few snapshots of Deanna's inspirational shop, I figured you could use a pretty-fix too! 
Check out the doors as shelves! Bril!!!

 Karen Shock jewelry of love!

Modern June pet mats, some sweet baby sets and pretty flower!

 Our laminated cotton baby bibs!

Check out the white baskets, they are ceramic! LOVE! NEED!
 Some really great reclaimed loot and great plant markers!

It's cold and rainy so go out and shop local and get your pretty-fix!

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Anonymous said...

Holy Toledo! I love them!