Monday, January 31, 2011

New ideas...

A funny thing happens when you write a sewing book, you pour ever tiny bit of creative energy into the book's projects. This is a good and appropriate thing to do, but, what happens when you have nothing new for your business? For months I've been feeling like I'll never have another good idea for Modern June again. It's worrying to say the least.

Recently, a few little sneaky thoughts have started to seep out of my subconscious, during the my time between sleeping and waking. I'm relieved by this, to say the least. It would be sad for my creative mind to dry up and die! LOL!!

You know that I am all about the oilcloth, but this girl needs a tiny cotton break. Today I am going to sneak over to Quilting Adventures and grab up a few pre-cuts and see what I can come up with. I am thinking that a Jelly Roll  of Amy Butler's Soul Blossom's and a few yards of Bari Ackerman's County Lane might be fun to play around with.

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