Friday, January 7, 2011


We've had a fun time getting back in the swing of homeschooling this week. Why? Games and lots of history. Our favorite math game has become Yahtzee. We've played it every day since my husband brought home this fun Oogie Boogie set. Don knew that Yahtzee was a game that my Grr and I played all the time. My DH also knows that we love the "Nightmare Before Christmas," so this made a great gift. And, the custom dice are totally cool.

My kids learn well when we take a multisensory approach, and this game is perfect for that. Leaning while you're having fun is always a plus, isn't it? The game works on skip counting, addition and multiplication. My kids have a hard time with memorizing details, so hopefully this game will help the information sink in. So far, so good!


mo said...

I love yahtzee! Other games we love here for sneaking in math practice are 10,000 (also called Farkel- you can google the directions all you need are dice) and cribbage.

Kelly said...

I don't know about 10,000, I'll check it out. Thanks for reminding me about cribbage, I played that all summer when I worked at Utah Shakespeare Theatre. Fun!