Wednesday, September 2, 2009

linky luv!

This post was from MONDAY,  I am just getting back to it!  Life is crazy here right now.  Everyone is working at high speed but me, I have a jaw ache from hell.  (since Sunday) The pain certainly has me on edge.  Yes, I do have a dentist appointment today.  I am thinking wisdom teeth, yep, I still have 3 left.  I am very-very wise!  So while we are getting our wholesale orders out by next Friday enjoy these links, I tell you homey eye candy!

Today feels like the first day of fall, cool, cloudy and peaceful.  We don't start school for another two weeks so I plan to use this time to "feather my nest", organize our school books and supplies and put our fall routine into action.  (Let's not mention the 7 wholesale orders the "Junies" and I are getting ready!) 

I was thrilled to see a ton of inspirational links in my in box, Via DIY CITY, Craft and  Here is the list of links that I just have to enjoy this morning while sipping my morning tea!  I hope you enjoy, leave me a comment telling us what you liked best, better yet send us a link or two of your favorite sites for inspiration. What is not to love, Make it Mondays, Crafty Round Ups, and Etsy Finds Friday?  I am giddy!
Purl Bee - an online journal about sewing, knitting, quilting and other crafts
Design Is Mine - great blog for inspiration

The Craft Begins  Check out these great inspiration boards!  I love that!

Dear Daisy Cottage - Now this is some good shabby chic inspiration!  Her beautiful home is just a riot of color!  

CasaSugar!  How to hang plates, thank you craft for this link!  I have been dying to hang up a few of my deviled egg dishes ever since my Philly trip.  I saw a restaurant that hung about 300 of them on their walls.  They were all white it was so very cool!  

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