Tuesday, September 8, 2009

another part of me

I was recently asked if my blog was a professional blog, for which my answer was a simple no, I just don't know how to draw those lines. I am Kelly, a homeschooling-stay-at-home-work-at-home-momma! I can't figure out how to separate any one of my jobs from the other. Here is a part of me that I haven't written about in a long time - HOMESCHOOLING!

I'm a proud homeschooling momma.  For those of you that don't know, I started this 5 years ago (WOW) when my DD was beginning first grade. I did so because both of the kids have some issues that would make traditional school very difficult for everyone involved, but I came to believe and cherish it. Especially when it rains cats and dogs on the first day of school, just as it is today.

Traditionally, we don't start school on the same day of  Richmond Public Schools--why would we? After all, I'm a rebel at heart. So, here I sit here peacefully, instead of worrying about the days lessons. Typically on this Tuesday we go to our coffee shop, Stir Crazy, where all the other mothers are lounging without kids. I must say that some years this has left me disappointed! Maybe a trip to the movies would make a bigger and better point?

Then, on the Wednesday after Labor Day, we go the Richmond Area Homeschoolers (RAH) "NOT Back to School Picnic."  This is the day where we find all our friends both old and new--we catch up with those that we shared classes with in the past. It never disappoints.

While I'm not an unschooler, our approach to teaching our kids leaves some naysayers at a loss. Last year I gave their voices way too much credence. Last year was the worst homeschooling year ever. It just didn't work for us to do "school" at home. Doing things the way others said we should was our ruin. Last week I had to remind my anxious daughter that this year would not be a repeat of last year, and I noticed her relax right away. I won't have my kids hate learning, in school or at home. Well, Dear Son says he hates everything, and I have no delusions that I can change the mind of a 9 year old who says that. He can say what he likes, I know better.

Hmm, what to do on this oh so rainy day? Shall we start a new tradition of a day at the movies? Sounds delightful to me! Happy Not Back to School Day part one!

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