Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Recycled Jar Votives

I just love to recycle jars into pretty hanging votives, I have done them of years now!  But this time I took this idea and mixed it with this tutorial and this tutorial and made them my own!

Start off with you handy dandy jar collection, you know you have one... 
that pile of pretty glass you just couldn't put in the recycling!   
Make sure they are clean and dry!  

While my girl Martha used some fancy class paint.  I one the other hand
 just used some spray paint that I had on hand.   
I wanted this to be a $2.00 project!  

All you need is a heavy gauge wire --two dollars at Target-- and a couple of pairs of pliers.  

Viola,  their done!  

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Kris said...

Love this idea. Thanks so much for sharing.