Monday, June 22, 2009

happy dad day!

We had a really great day celebrating Dad Day yesterday. We started the day with Chocolate Chip pancakes, handmade cards and a small but sneaky gift. Dear Husband was bamboozled at For the Love of Chocolate, they were there getting a gift for their "Hampa" (my father-in-law) when they saw a chocolate computer. They told Dear Husband that it was for Hampa, but really they were buying it for him! Sneaky monkeys!

We then spent the morning lazily making this dude for dinner at the in-laws. Cute isn't he! We loved the T-Rex that got a crafty shout out last week. So when Dear Husband brought a pretty watermelon home of Friday we knew we had to get our edible craft on.

Dear Son wasn't feeling great so we decided to keep it low-key so we headed to Movie Land to see UP! Wow, that was really sad. I had a good cry but still laughed a lot!

Hope you all had a great day too!

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