Thursday, June 18, 2009

If money was not object...

I am hating my home, you know it happens, the walls need painting, the 15 year old couch still needs replacing, and all your beloved "stuff" is just flat out boring.  Since I have been feeling this way for a few days it was funny that I stumbled upon this article yesterday over at Apartment Therapy, Cheap Ways to Feel Better About Your Home well we are certainly in need of a fresh can of paint. Somethings gotta change and stat!

But let's skip the practical low-budget possibilities and lets dream a little! IF money was not object I would...

... tear down my shed and build up a proper studio.
... put a set of french doors on to the studio and give Don back his office back.
... turn that ugly broken-down bathroom (turned storage room) into a laundry room
... make the pantry into a powder room
... turn the tiny coat closet in to a teeny pantry.
... replace the bookshelves in the foyer with a gorgeous old amoire, coats gotta go somewhere!  

And while I am dreaming big, a master bathroom addition would be nice too!  

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