Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missin' my blog!

Hi all. I've been gone awhile now. Last week was a downer. I was funky and really had nothing worth blogging about. By Friday I had a shift, some energy and some will power to turn off the TV and get to it. We have a saying here in our house, "it's February"--it's like our get out of jail free card for the winter blues. We know we get mopey this time of year (every year) and that's okay! We watch out that we don't get too mopey though.

What turned me around? My kids. We have really connected again. We have also been very social this winter, that has been a big help. Since I have limited my Modern June wares to 4 basic products, I have had a lot more time for them. We've been getting along a lot better, and school is not too much of a daily fight.

They don't know it, but I'm working on my list... remember my To Do in January list I made back in November? Well I'm getting it done and boy aren't we having fun!

  1. Work on the 1,000 piece puzzle again. We started it yesterday, but I opted for 750 pieces.
  2. Hang out with my kids A LOT MORE (this=sewing less) Doing it!!! LOVIN' IT!
  3. Fnd 30 minutes to cover up my gray hair. Hasn't happened yet, but I did get a cute haircut yesterday! Brandon, at the Great Clips at Virginia Center Commons is a real hairdresser, he actually razor cut my bob! I am loving him! This super cute well done razor cut $12.00 freaking dollars. I got lucky!
  4. Take yoga classes or do Yoga DVD (and not just once) I did yoga for 5 days straight in early January, does that count?
  5. Take kids to pool on Thursday afternoons. Gotta start this right away!
  6. Start dating again... my husband of course... silly people! : ) Oh yeah, gotta do this right away too!
  7. Start doing family game night again, BOARD GAMES ONLY! Not yet
  8. Start taking bubble baths again! I spent 5 hours re-caulking and scrubbing the tub yesterday so I could get this one underway!
  9. Have more on my life list than my work list... i.e. get a life : ) I am getting one!