Wednesday, February 18, 2009

first sewing lesson

The kids had their first sewing lesson today. We have been working on a Unit Study for Leonardo da Vinci, honestly they have not been feeling it until we came across his journal drawing of a parachute. The book we are reading explained someone recently followed his instructions and made a da Vinci parachute themselves, and they found that the 400 year old idea was sound, and worked wonderfully.

Well, that got us to wanting to get innovative. The kids drew their versions of his parachute, made a pattern, grabbed some linen from the studio and got cutting. I've been avoiding teaching them how to sew but today it just flowed, they were naturals.

Aidan is now a pro at pinning. I heard him repeating "in, tilt and through" about 50 million times.

Maddie is an iron goddess! I can get used to that kind of child labor!!!

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