Friday, January 16, 2009

A peck of owls

Looking for my fantastic Oilcloth Owl Totes? Well, they've all flown the coop! The last batch of owl totes were snatched up by the always elegant! Mary Ellen is the genius behind the glamor, and was a winner of Country Living's Pitch Your Product Contest in 2008. I am thrilled that she is my first new wholesale client of the year! Mary Ellen is a fellow Richmond Craft Mafia gal and a great friend.

I own lots of her fantastic jewelry, but my favorite is from her new Corsage Collection! My cute hubby did very well by me this Christmas--I hear he had help, thanks Beth and ME for pointing him in the right direction. Crafty friends = great loot!

These sweeties fly out of here so fast! But don't worry, new hatchlings are in the works. Modern June should be restocked very soon, but in the mean time snatch one from!


SewAmy said...

I saw you in Quilting Adventures with your owl bag the other day. So cute.

Kelly said...

Oh why didn't you say hi? I would love to have meet you, the creative genius behind one of my favorite blogs!

next time let's chat!!!