Sunday, January 25, 2009

cash and carry preview: the fabric stash!

I was really serious about selling some fabric! Really serious!
I went from bustin' at the seams... plenty of room for my new product line!
I had a small freak out when I got to working on the second shelf, but I made it through with out hyperventilating. Don't worry, I kept plenty of random fabric goodness.

Here is the sale fabric, that is 26 bolts of fabric and two 56 Qt boxes of assorted yardage!
And I have not even gotten up to the attic yet. Scary.

Here is a peak inside one of the boxes, they are filled with good stuff. As much as I will miss some of this stuff, I am very excited for the future!
I can't wait to make that big fabric order, now that will be fun!!!


Anonymous said...

can i come over tomorrow?

Nicole Lee said...

I'm missing something, like what the new line will be. Do Tell!! send me a email if you need to keep it on the QT for now, but I'm dying to know! I'm nosey! :-)

Kelly said...

Oh darn you missed the idea boards at the craft swap. I will send you them and you can give me your opinion! I am sorry you didn't get a look at them, you must have been off getting some goodies!

: )