Thursday, January 15, 2009

gifts for junies

So I have a great group of gals that help make Modern June possible, and I lovingly call them the "Junies." This past weekend we had our first "team meeting" (Don's corporate speak) on Saturday. We had some coffee and snacks at our local coffee shop. I unveiled the new Idea Boards for our new spring lines of housewares, and shared some product sales numbers. It was very fun. I felt very grown up. I even wore heels!

These ladies needed a treat for all their hard work, just a little something silly and fun! So a few months ago I did a trade with the fabulous Mom-O-Matic, rings for aprons. It really doesn't get better than a good barter! We both enjoyed our trade so much we did it twice! I had a hard time waiting for our gathering. I really wanted to give them out earl,y but I was able to hold off because I wanted to make them all pin cushions.

Aren't those boxes in the top picture to die for? She really out did herself! I need to rethink my packages. I want people to love getting my packages so much they don't want to open them!

Thanks Junies. I could not do it without each and everyone of you!

Love, Kelly


queenb said...

What a great trade! Lucky Junies!
Have you heard of Barter Boutique?

They are a bartering site for webstore owners who want to exchange their wares. A great way to get gifts for yourself or others. I did alot of exchanging for X-mas present this year. It was a great way to save money.
check them out. the more people the better for trading!!


Lotta said...

I'm so glad they liked the rings! I love playing with packaging. It's fun to find vintage scraps and bubble gum charms to use! And I totally lucked out scoring one of those owl bags before they made it in the big time!

Thanks again - I'll trade with you anytime!!