Monday, June 24, 2013

Oilcloth Fair Flags for Country Living

How wonderful are these Oilcloth Fair Flags that we made for the Rhinebeck Country Living Fair? I know that's it's rude to boast but I'm just so darn proud!

Back in February I got a call from the two gents that do the fair decor for the Country Living Magazine. Robert and Ed are so wonderful, they've been such great Modern June supporters since we all meet in Ohio back in 2010. Thanks to them I get to do all those demos at the fairs. When they called this time they had the idea of taking our oilcloth banners and making them GIANT SIZED! Robert had been inspired by traditional prayer flags and was looking for a hard wearing, rain-proof option for the NY Fair. 

We spent the next few weeks going back and forth with prototypes until we found the right size and shape. You know that I had goosebumps when we pulled into the fair grounds to set up. I was beyond tickled pink!! 

The Oilcloth Fair Flags were a real hit!! They held up to pouring rain and the bright sunshine. Most importantly, they made everyone very happy. 

Here are the impressive stats! There were 678 flags in total. If strung from end to end, the 48 banners would cover 26 football fields. WOW, that was a fun order!!

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