Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Instagram Weekly Wrap Up!

I'm totally into Instagram these days, just ask my family, see how they roll their eyes. Recently my cute hubby gave me an iphone for our 18th wedding anniversary and I'm now totally addicted to my little gadget of love. I had Instagram on my Android phone but it's just not the same, it didn't take great photos and it wasn't as easy to use. But now, I'm a picture taking and sharing fool. 

I thought I'd try something new, a weekly wrap up every Wednesday of my favorite photos. Please, if you are Instagram, let me know. Follow me so I can follow you!! My handle (user name) is "The Modern June"

My favorite house in the fan, the porch is always stunningly presentable. Totally jealous! 

I bought this super cool cart!! 

M. and I went to Feathernesters, it was a nice mother/daughter afternoon. 

My son and I had a great date night! This was our dinner. : )

I picked flowers by the studio dumpster. Dumpster flowers? Yep, that's my new name for Sweet Peas. 

We went to Bob's for the Friday night neighborhood movie! 

I cleaned up the #MJHQ studio cuz it was a hot mess! 

I realized that my garden is a hot mess too! 

Meet up with Farmer Darryl and bought some yummy food. 

Hit the RVA Street Foodies night at the Virginia Historical Society with my cute hubby!! 

Enjoyed a nice walk through the VMFA grounds. 

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