Monday, April 1, 2013

No foolin', I did it!

From my winter mood board
I have just turned in the manuscript for my 2nd book and I am just as thrilled/relieved as I could be! You know those big deadline dates, don't ya, how the mess with your head? I've know that my manuscript was due on April 1st since sometime in October. What is that, 5-6 months? It always seems so far away, yet right around the corner. For months now, I've written checks at the grocery store and ask for the date and all I could think of was how close my big deadline was. It's crazy. Time can move so fast and so darn slow when there it a big deadline looming.

I have to go on record and say that I couldn't have done this book with out the help of a few good people! My family has helped take care of me and themselves along the way, I am so thankful that my kids have been stepping it up and have been so responsible. (Most of the time!) I could not have written this particular book when they were any younger.

My hubby is totally awesome!! During the last 6 months he's become a better teacher, cook, cleaner and all around good guy. I love him with all my heart. It's hard for him to be the full time provider and pseudo-single parent all the time. The kids are at an age where they couldn't care less to even come out of their rooms for food, but he still misses me and that's pretty intense. 

My biggest thanks (sorry, hubby) goes to my cracker-jack team of Junies!! I am not lying when I tell you that Kathie, Nicole, and Geneva are running the show at MJ and OCA!! Honestly, this is such a big book I couldn't have written it without their help in the studio, without them we would have had to shut down at least one of the shops so I could write, plot and plan.

Now, don't think it's over yet!! No I'm hoping from the frying pan and into the flame. My friend and photographer, Meghan McSweeney and I have a lot of pretty photos to take. Which means I need to paint, clean, and declutter my home. Oh, and make a whole lot of samples! Don't feel too bad for me, once it's all done on May 1st I'm going to have one very lovely home. All this hard work and stress will be worth it soon.

I'm not even going to think about the editing process that will soon be upon me!! La-la, la-la-la. Nope, I'm not thinking about that... 

Lot's of love and kisses,

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