Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How do you like me now!!

Years and years ago I sent my MIL out on an hunt for a new Danish Modern table. It took her a few months to find one that I could afford. Can you see why I could afford it? It was a hot mess from the get go. Shaky and scratched. After some haggling I think that I paid a $100 for it. As bad as it was so much better than the battered oval IKEA table that I had had for years. Since I know a thing or two about tablecloths, it's served my family well. 

One of the projects for book 2 needs to be photographed a nice tabletop so I grabbed a pint of paint and primer and I am good to go. I'm so excited, I think it looks great.

Wow, the first coat of primer really made the scared surface obvious.

I love my freshened up dining room! Gone is the wood on wood with wood effect. Yuck! I love painted wood, it think that I would paint my mother white if she was made of wood.

Remember my hunt for new chairs? Well I went with a mod chair in peacock!! I found them at Target.com at $40 each they were a total bargain!!


Christine76 said...

Hi! Just had to say that I think my dining room china cabinet must be related to your dining room buffet.

Kelly McCants said...

Christine, I love that!