Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Country Living Fair - Ohio 2012 Photo Album!

Country Living Fair 2012 ~ Columbus Ohio

Don't we have a terrific location? I love our little spot under the willow tree.

Super cute customer carrying the "Sewing with Oilcloth" tote that she made! Check out the armful of fabric that she's carrying, she's going to be busy sewing!!
Chalk Cloth Land!!

Linwood Ave tinsel heart on a super cute cart! Linwood Ave is one of our consignment vendors. She helps us run the Atlanta booth as well!
How wonderful are these ladies? Check out their t-shirts!! The grabbed up several Linwood Ave. aprons for their scrap-booking group. I just love that!!
We started carrying some enamelware to future our kitschy kitchen vibe! 
A peak at our booth. See all of our art smocks and baby bibs? SOLD! I love it!! Kerri is busy making us more and more and more!!
Here's a bunch of cuteness! Dine and Doodle play mats from Lil' B Designs! Awesome chalkboard trays from Joya Jewelry along side our Modern June goodies!!

We sold the heck out of some carts!! I've just the oilcloth shopping cart liners to the shop. These bad girls are fun and handy to have at big shows.
OK!! This was the best moment of the fair!! The lady on the left made special Hey Girl... t-shirts for the her and her friend. (I need one!!!) This is why I love this show to pieces!! It's a big deal to people, it's a destination!!
I bought this for myself from Bloomsbury Loft. I love Judith and her cool loot.
Our busy-busy booth under the willow tree.
This is sad proof that you should NOT leave a perfectly great cake in your tent overnight!! My dear sweet editor, Roxanne, came to the show to shop and brought us a cake. We were very grimy so we decided to save it for breakfast. Well, as you can see it was a midnight snack for the creatures of the night. Lucky coons.  Don't worry we enjoyed cobbler for breakfast instead. : ) 


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Kelly said...

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NeatoKeen@Etsy said...

Your booth is incredible! One of these years I will get to the CL fair. I'm glad it was such a success for you - great photos! Cindy @ NeatoKeen :)