Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why do I have to wait so darn long for custom work?

Are you about to buy a custom item from Modern June? Are you wondering why you have to wait 4 weeks for a simple tablecloth? The reason is that is that we care! We really do care about each and every order we take in. 

In March alone we had 88 custom sales. For us, that's amazingly awesome and overwhelming!! We were shocked, it was record breaking, we almost doubled our best holiday season in 30 days!! Did I mention that it's only March? 

I learned a lot last month, as we tried maintain a 2-3 week turn around time for custom orders:

  1. We run out for fabric in a blink of an eye! One day everyone wants the same fabric and we run out, then we have to wait 2 weeks for more. Sadly, we don't have the money or the space to have 2-3 bolts of each fabric on hand, not when we offer over 70 prints. (Someday!!)
  2. Haste makes waste!! When we move as fast as we did in the last 6 weeks we make mistakes. They are costly to us in several ways, most importantly, YOU suffer. We don't like to make mistakes, not were your concerned. That's just how we do business. A simple math mistake on an elasticized table cover is major for you, if I cut it wrong they just don't fit and we have to make it again. We just can't let that happen, we care to much about you.
  3. Burn out... is bad when you make custom items. I have a lovely staff that I need to keep happy!! I need my Junies to be thoughtful and caring when they make your custom items. See #2. We are a small little company and we care! We can't loose that love'n feeling!!
To combat the demand we hired a new Junie so that Jonathan and I could breath a little, once Dianne is fully trained we'll be moving along a bit faster. We're also trying to keep a good stock of fabric on hand, but we never know which fabric's going to be the it fabric. One day we sell out of a print buy two bolts and no one want's it again for months. Fabric is just like that, it goes in waves!! ; )

When I opened my Etsy shop in 2006 I mentioned this at check out...
... I insist that your happy, happy, happy with your Modern June purchase. 
I stand by that today. We pride ourselves on offering goods that make life easier, so please understand that waiting is a good thing!!

Kelly McCants, the luckiest tablecloth maker in the land!

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