Thursday, July 29, 2010

My colorful flickr friends!

My colorful flickr friends!, originally uploaded by ModernJune.
Every morning I find an email in my inbox that is filled with my Flickr contacts fun uploads. I just had to share a sample of todays summery fun! It's everything so bright and happy? I hope you are enjoying your summer!!! 

1) Don't these summer sweets look yummy? Check out Queen Vanna Creations Etsy shop for a cool perpetual calender.
2) I'm totally green with envy every time I check out She Likes Cherries home reno pics! This weekend she off to the San Fransisco Renegade. 
3) Vanna's summer sweets!
4) Kitschy Digital Keepsake queen, Danielle, has perfect summer digital scrapbooking kits. love the kitsch! 
5) Melissa from Yummy goods just opened up a Zazzle shop and created some very cool shoes with designs from her own fabric line, Sugar Snap!
6) These notecards are to die for at Modern Motive!
7) Beth and her son are having way to much fun this summer!
8) Check out Modern Motives photos of Toronto, they are wonderful!
9) Yummy Goods has some new sneakers for us in her new Zazzle shop.

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