Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitschy Booths of Love!

I only have a few minutes before I head out for another round of shopping for some new fabric, so I'm giving you a little eye candy to love on!

Look for big things from this super sweet Indie Crafter, Penguin & Fish!
How cute is this booth????
I LOVED THE WALLS, I want them to make this into fabric! Very Modern June, right? Fine Lines Fabric.
I am a very bad blogger, I don't remember the booth name or number. I'll find that out today!
A booth after my own heart! They even crafted the TV facade, super cute and very nice folks at New Leaf Stitches.
Totally cute! Embroidery patterns and fabric by Keri Boyer.
Make Your Day Designs has lovely patterns simple sweet and sophisticated.

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