Friday, May 14, 2010

Creative Insight!

I just loved today's Twitterscope!  I see this as sage advice, as I have carved out the entire weekend to work on the first five projects for my book. See all the planets have lined up for me, I made sure all  the orders would be out of the way and I have a new MacBook Pro (my new baby) to help me stay organized. I have started on several projects already but they need tweeking and the patterns need perfecting. After all, I've got to do ya'll proud!  

The light bulbs in your brain begin to flash with creativity today. You feel alive and refreshed, ready to make good use of all the ideas that are coming your way. But turning an inspiration into a concrete plan can be tricky business, so you're inclined now to handle it slowly and deliberately. Nevertheless, don't be overly cautious; respond to the current opportunities by being willing to take a calculated risk.

Thanks for all the love this week, I am so happy to share the BIG NEWS!  


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