Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am a fool for April 1st!

I am thrilled beyond measure that today is April 1st, today is my deadline for our new "Slam and Coast" business model.  Wha? What's slam and coast?  It's when you go into production overload and make a much darn product as possible, then you coast and focus on other things for a while.

I am so proud of my team they have really been kickin' it!  We have more stock than ever before. Today, I will spend one last day prepping a couple of stray projects for my stitcher to finish up at home and then I am mine again!  I know that sounds bad but I really miss my life.

The team and I have been cranking hard since the fall.  We went from Holiday, to Country Living Production, to our best winter EVER! In most indie craft business you get a winter slump, I tell you what I am truly and utterly blessed when I say we did not have such a winter, January and February were as crazy busy at November.  Then we started to Slam and Coast, let me mention that this isn't for whimps!

I think making 200 party banner in January 'upped the ante' for us here at Modern June. It changed my whole idea of stock could be. Making one or two of something, is no longer acceptable and making 12 of something looks, well, it looks like it will never be enough. I want more, more I tell you!

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you more about the coast part of the plan!

xoxox, Kelly


Jana said...

Such cute bags...I'm sure you are happy to have your life back. May you enjoy your day.

Kelly said...