Monday, April 5, 2010

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The kids and I took an afternoon and tackled the front yards flower bed.  The bushes had taken over the existing bed so we extended it forward and now we have plenty of room for flowers.  We started out by removing the existing brick boarder, used a hose to settle on the new boarder and used a turf edger to cut into the sod.  This part was Aidan's job but since he only weighs 60 pounds he needed a bit of help, there were lots of giggles as we stomped the edger in the ground together.


The hardest part of the job was removing the sod, this part kicked my butt!  The link I added suggests adding the sod to your compost, but I have a lot of sod and I am not so sure about that.

After the sod was removed Maddie and I got to fun part, shopping for flowers.  At the Azalea Garden Center we picked up a 50 pound bag of compost to amend the soil (very important) 3 bags of mulch and two flats of flowers. Flowers included petunias, assylum, inpatients, coleus and my favorite Shasta Daisies in bold red!

Once home, Maddie and I mixed the compost into the soil and I showed Maddie how read the flower tags so she knew how to find information about height and spacing. We then placed the potted flowers in their spots. When we were happy with the lay out we got to planting. Aidan soon joined us and we had the flower bed planted in no time.

A favorite TV show lured my kids back inside so I had the garden to myself to mulch. I didn't mind, honestly, I was afraid they would bury the new plants. Thankfully my cute hubby helped me clean up and watered the new plantings while I took a well deserved break.

We are all so happy with out flower bed,  and we can't wait to watch it grow!!!  Next up, flower pots and the veggie garden!

Time: 5 hours
Family Fun: priceless
Sore muscles: lots
Total Cost: $80.00

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