Sunday, March 14, 2010

pearls of wisdom

This weekend I was able to sneak away from the studio and enjoy the VA Homeschoolers Conference. This is, hands down the best homeschooling event of the year. we started the weekend off with a family night at art/talent show and ice cream social. This year my Maddie got up and sang for the crowd, it was incredible!  I am stunned at how brave and confident my girl is!  When did she grow up on me?  Both kids had art on display as well, Aidan showed off it knack for the abstract with his 3D drawing.  I don't mean to gloat but I have really cool kids!  (Ok, I totally meant to gloat!)

I thought I would share some of the pearls of wisdom that I picked up this weekend.  Here are just a few quotes, tips, books, blogs and concepts that I had to jot down...
  • Life lived in educational freedom
  • Parent at the Helm
  • Play the grasshopper game for multiplication tables
  • Get slant board for my dysgraphic child
  • Remember to plug in all those great occupation therapy tricks when the going gets rough.
  • To kids love equals time spent
  • If it's not working change it! 
  • This problem will be replaced with another one! 
  • Use full spectrum lights.
  • Attention fading? Play Simon Says!
  • Independent learning will happen someday.....
  • The Way Life Works
  • Boy Scout merit badge books--science mini books
  • Teaching high school doesn't seem too scary today. 
  • The idea of writing a transcript is terrifying! 
  • "Don't Know Much About" books
  • Always being together isn't a bad thing! 
  • The Story of Science by Joy Hakim
  • Water and crunchy snacks
  • Say yes more!
  • Philosophy room
  • Learning should light a fire and not just fill the bucket. 
  • Rabbit holing--following one aspect of an idea can lead you to discovery and learning.
  • School shouldn't be all about Behavior Modification.
  • Middle school teachers are just trying to keep the kids alive. 
  • If your going to send you kids to high school 9th grade is the right time to start.
  • Facilitate learning
  • Mastery is the goal.
  • Educational shower curtains!  
  • How to Unschool, live like school doesn't exist.
  • Unschooling doesn't mean dismissive parenting.
  • People may fear that "if unschooling is right then school is really wrong". (of course no one's wrong!) See Christie's comment!!! 
  • Strewing

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Christi said...

Regarding the last item - "If unschooling is right, then homeschooling is really wrong." Just so it's not taken out of context, we should probably clarify that the speaker was talking about other people's *reactions* to an unschooler. What a great, thoughtful, and balanced session that was! I'm glad we got to sit together.