Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daily Photo 10.15.09 Fabric Pom Poms

You know what I love about Twitter is the endless source of crafty goodness. You really can't see every cool thing there is in "blogland" but if you follow really cool people like Sister Diane, of Crafty Pod fame, you miss a lot less!

The other day I was not willing to work on my Modern June projects, I was bored and I wanted - no needed - something new to do, something to re-ignite my crafty flame. Thanks so Sister Diane's RT of Molly Chickens Fabric Pom Poms I was in business.

With in minutes my son and I went to ripping fabric, cutting out cardboard donuts and making ourselves some giant pom poms. Now, Aidan is nine years old so he opted leave a long string on his pom pom so he has swing it around like a weapon. (heavy sigh) Boys!

Thanks so my crafty support team and twitter I am now happily back on track. You just can beat good inspiration or time well spent crafting with your children.

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SisterDG said...

Yaaaaaaay, this post makes my whole day. I'm so glad the link gave you a fun break from your work projects. Your pom-poms came out beautifully. I do love that project.