Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well, I must say setting up this blog was a bit too easy, I mean if I can do it anyone can!


Donald said...

Pretty neat. Saves me some time. Do u know how to post images for a new header? I can finish your other one tonight.

kimmy said...

Hey Modern June! Yay! A new bloggy friend!!!

Hmm...I'm making....
1. the most harmonious family i can stand
2. a home that is a sanctuary
3. shiny, rocky jewelry
4. tasty vittles
5. my own tribe...and your clan can visit our hut anytime :)

a_Jackalope_Vixen said...

Dear Modern June:

I am interested in women's culture in the traditional and postmodern context --- for example, Aprons as Power Symbols! I sometimes leave my house apron on when I walk my dog off leash because I believe it wards off the perception that I am going to let him do a "no-no" in neighbor's yards.

My daughter said no one dares challenge a woman wearing an apron ... she might have a rolling pin with her!


Kelly McCants said...

I love wearing my aprons out in my "Hood". Never thought to have my rolling pin too! Not a bad idea at night!

I too love the culture of the apron. I am on a mission to bring back the Word "HOUSEWIFE". When that word ended up on our tax return 8 years ago I was so offened. But now if my DH says that the house is not to his liking "I say Shove off I am the HOUSEWIFE!"

I hear men talking about how their house should look, what color paint the living room should be or what kind of sofa they should have...I say HELLO aren't we as HOUSEWIVES in charge of that?

We don't go to thier office and say you know you should keep you penicles on the right side of you computer! Oh and that screen saver is too yellow.